The Congress is often the showcase which proves the strength and vitality of an Association. Organizing a Congress may seem easy, many PCOs are present and offer their services in the event market, but it is the proactivity which marks the difference:
Improving every year, implementing all new technologies which help position the Congress as a model of efficiency, giving an effective response to changes both in the registration system and in the management of educational grants according to the Ethical Codes of the different Federations both Pharmaceutical and Medical Device, offering exhibiting companies new sponsorship formulas which turn out to be a real return on their investment.
Everything that, ultimately, can be offered in order to achieve excellence, based on the commitment and transparency of our processes.


  • Planning & Budgeting
  •  Definition – event logistics
  •  Permanent information center
  •  CME Accreditation
  •  Management of abstracts andscientific sessions in the Scientific Grid
  •  Supplier coordination
  •  Exhibition booth and commercial Sponsorships
  •  Registration Platform
  •  Traveland accommodation
  • Accounting and final balance