Permanent Secretariat Of Associations

The management of the Secretariat of a Scientific Medical Society should not be limited to a receptive task but should adopt maximum efficiency to achieve sustainable growth in all areas:

  • Increasing the number of members & database


  • Increasing the number of corporate sponsors


  • Positioning the Association as a reference within its medical specialty


  • Granting agility and efficient response in all processes

But professionalism should never be at odds with friendly and close treatment: the attention and service given to a trainee, a specialist, or a member of the Board of Directors should always be the same, all members should be treated equally and feel that they are an important part of the Association.



Our Services

Permanent Secretariat

We are committed answer to any query, email or request from a partner within a maximum period of 24h – or 48h as maximum in case of a reasonable cause.
Torres Pardo will attend and manage the General Assemblies held during the Congresses and will be in charge of calling the Ordinary and/or Extraordinary General Assembly, manage the votings and take the Minutes. 
Business hours: Monday to Thursday – from 09.00h to 17.00h and Friday: – from 08.00h to 14.00h.

Accounting and financial management

Membership Management Tool

Our Platform allows an agile and efficient management of all processes, providing traceability and monitoring of the service provided by Torres Pardo in real time.

The Board has full access to the administration area.

Membership applications are received and stored in the administration area and can be pre-approved or reviewed by the members appointed by the Board for this purpose.

Complete segmentation

By type of partner but also by general interest and segmented by topics.

Private Area Board of Directors

Where Board meeting documents, Assemblies or Calls are uploaded, stored and shared among Board members.

Exports and statistics

Automatically and in real time by type of member, by area of interest, by payment, status.

Email reminders

Possibility of sending automated email info to a general or segmented database: unpaid, residents, specialists in a certain area of interest, etc.

Private partners area

Complete management: receipts per year, Society member certificate per year, direct access to documents or educational programs restricted to members, etc.

Content update on Website

Following the indications of the Board and Webmaster, but always based on proactivity in order to update in due time all the content that should be available to the members in due time.

Coordination with the Board: meetings and calls

Call for E.Meetings / Reminders / Minutes.

Coordination of Scientific Courses and Publications / IT: webinars, E-Newsletters

Torres Pardo SL will closely liase with the MIFAS Education & Training Officer to coordinate all the Educational activities of the Society.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Global negotiation and agreement: handling with Sponsors

By signing Core agreements with the Major Sponsors not only related to the Congress but to the Society itself, based on the premise of sharing knowledge to strengthen the mutual cooperation between the Medical Society and the most relevant companies.